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At Central Van & Storage, our professionals can simplify your business with logistics and warehousing services. We can oversee certain aspects for your company like delivery, transport, and warehousing – so you can focus on managing your business. Once you contact our relocation experts, we’ll be able to better assess exactly how to streamlines your company. Thanks to 3PL with Central Van & Storage, we can also custom-tailor the specific services you need, adapting to your business requirements. Leave the logistics to us, so you can meet the demands of your clients. We’re fully adaptable, so regardless of whether your products are in high or low demand, we’ll provide you with the ideal amount of support you need. From picking up supplies and delivering them to your company to shipping your products overseas, our team is here to make your life a whole lot simpler!

Our logistics services at Central Van & Storage offer a myriad of possibilities to better streamline your business. For instance, our warehousing solutions can provide your retail company or hotel with a flexible means of storing your supplies, products or surplus. With fully customizable options, you’ll never be stuck paying for services you don’t need – even if your company has ups and downs with product demands.

Logistics Solutions For Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV, Charleston, WV, & More

Our customers find that with the help of Central Van & Storage they can implement programs and provide a high level of service that results in cost-effective opportunities for competitive growth and expansion. Reliable logistics services from Central Van & Storage also allows you to enhance customer service levels, allocating dedicated company assets and resources to business-critical functions and operations.

Central Van & Storage is an Allied Van Lines agent, which allows us access to a comprehensive network of resources across the country and around the world. We have the ability to implement custom logistics services for local programs as well as regional, national and international initiatives.

Pick-Up and Delivery. Our pros can pick-up raw supplies and drop them off at the manufacturing site or collect products from the company and distribute them directly to your customers.

Worldwide Shipping. We can ship your goods anywhere in the world, thanks to our association with Allied Van Lines, which gives us access to a global network of services.

Flexible, Climate-Controlled Warehousing. As well, we can pick-up your products and bring them to our warehousing facilities for secure storage. Our climate-controlled buildings ensure your goods will never experience environmental fluctuations which can cause damage.

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Contact Us to better understand how professional logistics services from Central Van and Storage can benefit your business operations. A logistics planning and implementation specialist will be in touch to discuss your needs, goals, and budget, and how a custom logistics services plan from Central Van & Storage can enhance the service you provide your customers. We will exceed your expectations.

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