Third Party Logistics Services in Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, Charleston, & All of West Virginia

Third-Party logistics – or 3PL as it’s more commonly known – is an excellent way for businesses to simplify company operation. In doing so, your focus is then shifted onto manufacturing or production. Simply put, your business is outsourcing certain services to us – Central Van & Storage. By hiring an outside team, you place your energy on your company, while we provide you with what you need to make everything run much smoother and efficiently. Basically, with 3PL, we take over after your products are manufactured. Pick-up, transport, delivery, warehousing storage, and shipping is supplied by our company. Instead of worrying about getting your goods to their final destination, leave it up to us at Central Van & Storage.

Third-Party Logistics, Distribution, and Warehousing

At the crux of third-party logistics is the seamless manner in which goods move from the manufacturing site to their final destination. Many services are integrated into logistics, as many are necessary to accomplish a continuous, unimpeded flow. At Central Van & Storage, our 3PL services provide our customers with a great many options, including:

  • Contract Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Technologically Innovative GPS Tracking System
  • Advanced Bar Code System
  • Control Software for Storage Inventory
  • Cross Docking Services
  • Climate-Controlled, Clean, and Insured Storage Facilities

What makes our 3PL services stand out at Central Van & Storage? In essence, it’s the ability to maintain a natural flow, from receiving, storage, tracking to shipping, that allows us to stand apart from our competition.

Professional 3PL Resources in Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, Charleston, & More

Our global logistical solution is one-of-a-kind, ensuring your company runs smoothly. We do so by picking up or accepting your shipments, documenting what arrives carefully. Once in our warehousing facility, your staff will have free access to your products. Then, when your goods need to be shipped to customers, our professionals will prepare the tracked cargo before delivering it.

Wondering if third-party logistics is right for your business? Then contact us today at Central Van & Storage for more information on our various services.

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