Moving Day Checklist

Clear Walkways

  • Remove all obstructions in order to make it safe and easy for the moving crew to get in and out of you home.
  • Remove planters and potted plants from walkways, driveways and porches.
  • Remove all floor and door mats.
  • Remove all rugs. The movers will protect the floors with a special floor covering designed not to slip.
  • Remove low hanging items such as hanging plants and wind chimes.
  • Disconnect the screen door spring so that it stays open during the loading process.
  • If your moving company did the packing, work with them to keep walkways clear for the crew and driver.

Point Out Special Items

  • All of your items will be handled professionally, but take a moment to show the moving crew which ones mean the most to you during the initial walkthrough.
  • Point out which items you would like the movers to unload first. These may include boxes with kitchen and bathroom items or children’s toys.

Before the Driver Leaves

  • Before the driver departs, be sure you understand all the paperwork you are signing. Ask your driver to explain any documents that may be confusing before you sign them.
  • Provide your destination contact information to driver. Also, take down any information the driver can provide such as a cell phone, email address and satellite tracking information. If there is a change in plans you won’t need to wait to be contacted.
  • Ask the driver if your shipment is the last one he/she will be loading. Find out when the last shipment goes onto the trailer. This should give you an indication as to when they will be departing for your new home. Ask the driver about his/her plans for delivering your items.
  • Before the driver leaves you residence get as many details as you can.
  • If the driver provides you with your delivery window, please keep in mind that it is only an estimate formulated at the time of loading. Remain flexible as many factors can change the schedule for the driver.
  • Ask the driver to contact you with any changes so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.
  • If you have a delivery spread (2 or more consecutive days that your shipment can be delivered and still be considered on time) please understand that your shipment may be delivered on any one of those days.
  • Take a final walkthrough of your home before the driver leaves. You won’t want to discover something was left behind after the driver is on the way that. Check the closets, shelves, in the garage, crawl space, attic, under the stairs, storage spaces, on the walls and any place else things may be hiding.

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